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Privacy Statement / Terms of Usage

I just thought I should make some sort of privacy / usage terms statement, so you can feel OK about visiting my website.

  1. First of all (first disclaimer),
    I don't really want to know anything about you unless YOU want me to.
    Ok. Now that is off my chest, that makes me feel much better.
  2. However... (second disclaimer):
    I do have server logs of “your” visit, but I don't keep them for long, I just use the logs to watch for abuse of my server and my network as well as to provide a good technical experience to all with my best ability. My network was built with my own hands, my own sweat, my own money, and my own time, and I like to protect what I own. It is a privilege for you to be able to read this text from MY server, it is my pleasure to have YOU here. Anyway, when I look at the server logs I just see numbers and addresses of machines not people, I don't know who is behind the machine. You my friend, who reads and comprehends this better than any machine available today, should know that you will NEVER be just a number in my eyes, so please treat what is not yours mine with respect and I will do likewise with what is yours (i.e your privacy).
  3. Though I should also point out that (third disclaimer):
    I may run some Google Advertising as well as Google Analytics on various pages throughout my website for various reasons, mainly for the pure curiosity of the whole internet advertising thing, though if some revenue is generated that would help to pay my electricity and food bills and allow me to keep giving back to the coder community that would be cool. (but I haven't given up my day job just yet).
  4. What this REALLY means is: I have allowed Google Inc. to inject javascript code into my webpages. I thought very hard about this point, I tell you I do not take this lightly. What Google injects into my webpages I have no control over, other than basically A) Allowing it OR B) NOT Allowing it. I have opted for A) Allowing it because of reason 3. above.
  5. As a good Netizen I should warn you that: Google Inc. or its affiliates may drop/store a web cookie in the attempt to track you for advertising purposes, I know that sounds quite vague however I can never be sure of the true intention of any third party. A third party may not share the same views as me or be aware of them (@see reason 2. above) and as I have given Google the right to run any type of javascript code in my website, this will expose you to the views/intentions of the mentioned third party. I can only speak for my intentions.
  6. If YOU don't like all these conditions then you can: A) Leave this website now (I suggest you should clear your browser cache and cookies after you have left) OR B) Take control over your webbrowsing experience by using a browser that gives you fine grain contol over what a website can do with your browsing experience OR C) Ignore all of this stuff because YOU don't really care and you will just keep on surfin' the net as you have always done (you probably haven't even read this whole page).

    B.T.W. If you opt for B) Take control over your webbrowsing and don't know how,
    from my experience you could try to:

  7. Please remember: a good dose of common sense has never hurt anybody.
    I suggest you use it with any decision you make.

I hope I have not scared you in anyway. It was really not my intention to make you feel uncomfortable with all this stuff. It was actually imposed by me agreeing to a legal contract with Google Inc. I am very sorry if you have been put off by this. And sorry for all the text amplification, I am just trying to stress a few important points. I will understand if you disagree with this privacy statement. TNX.

(Owner of machine)

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